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Businesses of all shapes and sizes depend on accurate, insightful financial information to manage their day-to-day operations, capitalize on opportunities, and sustain profitability. We lend our expert support to meet your accounting needs so that you can focus your time and energy on building a strong business. Our offices are located in various communities and trade areas throughout the heart of the Midwest. When needed, we utilize other offices within our firm to assist with large clients, complex technical matters, and clients requiring special expertise.

The insurance division is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. She joined our team in 2020 and is responsible for assisting with our monthly bookkeeping and financial statement services. With the rapid technological advances in recent years, we have seen many changes in how we do business.

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Whether you have a business or are thinking about starting a business, let Rosedale & Drapala handle all of your, tax and accounting needs. We have been working with local businesses just like you for over 25 years. Whether you’ve engaged us to help with your implementation or you simply need a refresher course on the system, we can provide training on using QuickBooks to manage your business. We conduct sessions at your location and adapt the course content to your set-up and business issues.[No need to spend time on capabilities that you won’t use! ] We’ll spend as much or as little time as you need on each topic, and respond to any questions and concerns. While a computer software program may help find deductions, there’s no substitute for the quality of service and advice you’ll receive from an experienced tax professional.

Daniel Ninde’s family still owns a large oriental rug he won in a card game there. Manager Perry Randall, a Fort Wayne attorney and entrepreneur, suggested the name „Lincoln,” arguing that the name of Abraham Lincoln would powerfully convey a spirit of integrity. In August, 1905 Robert Todd Lincoln provided a photograph of his father, along with a letter authorizing the use of his father’s likeness and name for company stationery and advertising.

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While a clean set of books is a key objective for every accountant, it’s also important to match the accounting records with the monthly bank statements. Our bank reconciliation services ensure that every deposit and withdrawal aligns with entries into your accounting Bookkeeping Services in Lincoln records. This assessment enables us to identify lost deposits, lost checks, unauthorized transactions, and inappropriate bank fees. It triggers investigation into any fraudulent activity (identity theft, forgery, embezzlement, etc.), and expedites restitution.

She directs clients to the resources and team members they need to succeed. Proper planning is essential for growth and continuity in your business. We can assist you in your planning to help you reach your financial goals.

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He graduated from SUNY Geneseo and started his CPA practice in 1986 after 3 years with a local CPA firm. In 2017, Michelle Ehlers transitioned to owner of an already well-established accounting practice where she was employed as an Accountant for many years. While our business name may be relatively new, we have continued to provide our clients with the same professional services they have received for many years. Our analysis of your financial statements helps you frame strategic initiatives (e.g., business expansion, acquisition) as well as tactical plans (e.g., accounts receivable and accounts payable management). Professionally prepared financial statements are also an essential resource when dealing with creditors (e.g., vendors, banks) and investors.

  • As their businesses expand, owners often find that their need for financial advice and analysis expands as well.
  • Our solutions are easy to use, which means secure, paperless communication that is fast and efficient.
  • The payroll specialists at BMG allow for more flexibility in payroll preparation giving you a more „hands off” approach …
  • But we’re crunching those numbers by leveraging the most talented and dedicated employees, the latest technology, and a personalized, full-service approach.
  • She is the first female CEO of Lincoln Financial Group.
  • While a computer software program may help find deductions, there’s no substitute for the quality of service and advice you’ll receive from an experienced tax professional.